Rocket Sportdryer UV, model 2020

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What is the ROCKET Sport Dryer UV? The ROCKET Sport Dryer UV commonly know as the ROCKET UV is a... more
Product information "Rocket Sportdryer UV, model 2020"
What is the ROCKET Sport Dryer UV? The ROCKET Sport Dryer UV commonly know as the ROCKET UV is a unique and innovative product designed to quickly and effectively dry excess moisture and perspiration from sporting equipment. A combination of heat, UV Light and vented air dries most sporting equipment and clothing within 60 minutes The drying process significantly reduces unpleasant odors and prevents the buildup of potentially harmful bacteria The rapid elimination of corrosive sweat also significantly increases the lifespan of sporting equipment, keeping it like new. How does the ROCKET UV work? Equipment and clothing is hung on a vertical racking system that combines steel support bars and S-hooks. The racking system is enclosed within a polyurethane-lined fabric dryer bag The heater unit heats air inside at a constant 70 degrees Celsius (165 degrees Fahrenheit). A fan circulates air and vents excess moisture to quickly and gently dry equipment and clothing inside and out ƒ?? even in hard to reach interior areas of skates and gloves that contain a tremendous amounts of bacteria. Why does the ROCKET UV work so well? The ROCKET UV quickly dries away excess moisture and perspiration to keep your equipment like NEW! Minimizes contact time of corrosive sweat against joints and fasteners Preserves integrity and tensile strength of fabrics, equipment straps Combination of regulated heat and vented air dries equipment thoroughly without overheating or damaging material like traditional tumble-dryers. Is the ROCKET UV unique? The ROCKET UV is COMPLETELY UNIQUE! Other so-called ƒ??sport dryersƒ?? are nothing more than sports organizers or equipment trees. The ROCKET UV is the ONLY ƒ??sport dryerƒ?? on the market that uses heat , UV Light and circulated air to actively eliminate moisture & perspiration from hockey equipment. Provides the features and convenience of a traditional equipment tree PLUS the added benefits of odor and bacteria fighting dryer technology. Features extra bacteria killing UV Light in the last 10 minutes of the drying cycle.
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